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The number of Covid-19 cases in Indiana rising again as Omicron continues to spread across the state, daily Covid-19 report



Indiana – The number of Covid-19 cases are on the rise again both nationally and in Indiana as the Omicron continues to spread like crazy.

The highly transmissible variant easily evades both natural and vaccination immunity because it has more than 30 mutations. According to experts, that seems to be the major reason why it spreads easily.

On Tuesday, Indiana added a total of 5,815 new Covid-19 cases and 170 additional Covid-19 related deaths.

With the latest numbers added in the overall statistics, the total number of positive cases since the start of the pandemic now reaches 1,227,005, while the number of confirmed Covid-19 related deaths is now 18,280. Additional 650 deaths are considered as probable.

As a result of the virus, 3,058 Covid-19 positive patients are currently hospitalized across the state of Indiana. That an increase of 76 compared to the previous daily Covid-19 report issued on Monday.

Currently, more than two thirds of the total number of ventilators are free.

A total of 8,479,539 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Indiana. The number includes 3,611,838 first doses and 3,545,779 individuals who have received a second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Another 1,321,922 Indiana residents have received a booster dose.

Health experts warn that the rising number of cases is expected to rise in the upcoming period, especially in the weeks after the New Year. Although the Omicron studies are in early phases, health officials advise people to get their booster shot as soon as possible claiming that it remains the best weapon we have to combat the high transmissible variant.

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