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The plan to “rob their plug” led to the teen’s murder in Greenwood, according to court documents



Indianapolis, Indiana – Court records detail a scheme by two Greenwood youths to rob their drug supplier. The two adolescents were taken into custody about the Indianapolis resident Ethan David’s 18-year-old murder.

The Greenwood Authorities Department reports that at some point on Sunday night, a neighbor discovered Ethan David shot to death in a car in the 2000 block of Liberty Way Drive. The neighbor alerted the authorities.

Officers discovered David suffering from a gunshot wound inside the car when they arrived. At the scene, he was declared deceased.

A probable cause affidavit states that drugs and drug paraphernalia were discovered in a backpack that was discovered in the car.

Witnesses saw two Black men in hoodies fleeing from the scene of the crime, according to the police. They were both donning ski masks.

Court filings state that communications on Ethan David’s phone conveyed a meeting schedule with a person known only as “D.” Greenwood police discovered these messages. Additionally, they discovered Cash App exchanges between Ethan David and an individual bearing the letters “D.”

Additionally, surveillance footage showing two people sprinting close to the crime scene was made available to the police.

As per the court records, a parent informed the Greenwood Police Department that her daughter’s companion had participated in a group discussion regarding the preparation of robbing a drug dealer.

The buddy, who was only recognized by the police as a man, was identified as Quincy D. Stringer Jr.

According to the documents, the acquaintance verified to the police that Stringer lived close to the crime scene and that he attended Clark-Pleasant Schools. The acquaintance claimed to have heard Stringer discussing plans to “rob their plug” over the phone; the term “plug” refers to a drug dealer. The friend claimed that Stringer used either “Eli” or “Ethan” when phoning the dealer.

According to court records, Stringer and a companion agreed to meet the dealer at a local park at the appointed time. A suspect was supposed to confront the dealer and inquire about what he was selling. Then they would ‘hold’ the drug dealer while taking the drugs.

Following more statements from acquaintances and a phone search, the police claim they were able to apprehend Stringer and another person. Investigators also discovered that Stringer intended to mail the murder weapon to a Kentucky address through his girlfriend.

According to court documents, during a search of Stringer’s residence, officers discovered a 9mm Taurus pistol, marijuana enclosed in a clear plastic bag, a 9mm handgun made by Diamondback Firearms, and 9mm Hornaday ammunition.

According to investigators, the weapon police saw in Ethan David’s social media profiles matched the manufacture, model, color, and serial number of the Taurus handgun. Additionally, according to the police, the marijuana was wrapped and had the same amount as what was discovered inside Ethan David’s car in his backpack.

Court documents state that another student informed authorities that they knew the gun Stringer was holding during a FaceTime conversation was the same one that killed Ethan David. The student sent the police screenshots that she had taken.

The filings state that Stringer and his mother declined to talk to the police about what happened. Along with Stringer, a 15-year-old kid was taken into custody.

Early in 2024, a preliminary hearing is scheduled.