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Carmel holiday sheet-raiser lifts sick kids’ spirits



Indianapolis, Indiana – Survivor of two cancers Children with cancer are assisted by Ya-elle Halevi, a co-founder of Sheets from Home. To cheer up children’s hospital rooms, they supply brand-new, colorful bed covers.

Ya-el described how a trip to Walmart following her son’s cancer diagnosis resulted in a creative concept that would cheer up thousands of children fighting cancer all over the world.

To get forty sets of sheets for the holidays, Carmel High School Wrestling is working together.

The experience of her son Tamir Halevi, a wrestler on the wrestling team who battled and defeated cancer, served as inspiration for everything that was done.

He hopes to receive more donations. He and his teammates have already gathered Spiderman, Frozen, and Pokémon sheets.

Doctors and nurses “commented on how much easier the sheets made their job, helping them to communicate with the children,” according to the organization’s website.

Giving a youngster a sheet can take various forms. Take a look at the sets they have listed on Amazon.

An exciting, vibrant twin or full-size sheet set is intended for every child in the oncology ward. Each one is priced at roughly $25.

Homemade Sheets intends to ship forty sets. Each hospital would likely pay a total of $1,000.

Organize a local sheet-raiser to benefit your neighborhood. If you would like assistance setting up and arranging logistics with a nearby pediatric oncology unit, call Sheets from Home at 404-919-9190. Contemplate a virtual sheet-raiser as well. Sending updates, sharing success stories, and building your team can all be done in this flexible method.










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