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Christmas Eve in downtown Indianapolis: sights and sounds



Indianapolis, Indiana – News crews scoured downtown on the eve of Christmas for a story, and this is what they discovered.

It was silent at first. All that is audible is the sound of carriage wheels and a few galloping horses.

“Hopefully it gets pretty busy here in the next couple of hours,” coachman James Linsmeyer said. “There’s lots of Christmas lights out this year, and it’s really nice and warm.”

Yes, he works on Christmas Eve in the same manner as us. A horse in the city, though? “Is that hard?” I inquired.

“We’re actually a lot more agile than you’d think we are,” Linsmeyer said.

Without a villain, what good is a story? This one is green and tall. You may even be acquainted with him. But we assure you, he isn’t cruel.

“The presents that I stole,” a man dressed as the Grinch, named Christopher Thomas, said. “Nah, I’m just kidding.”

We’ll admit, it was unexpected to see The Grinch riding a bike. Fortunately, he didn’t cause any trouble; he was just happy.

“It’s entertainment and excitement for the kids,” Thomas said. “They see something like this, fully costumed. They’re like, ‘Look mom, there’s the Grinch.’ Just to get the joy out of Christmas.”

Next, we had conversations with the kids at the circle. One wishes she had a purple Christmas dress.

Not on the street, but off buildings, snowflakes danced. Fifty degrees is a treat for bikers, but other kids were depressed.

“This is my biker family,” Tim Trent said. “We’re spending time together on Christmas Eve and having a good time.”

We surveyed the area, taking in the vivid, luminous hues. Kids shouted as they declared they were anxious for nothing except “Presents.”

We had to wonder, what do they all hope to see wrapped up and shining under the tree? Among the most popular responses were PS5s, Legos, and nutcrackers.

However, the season is about more than just acquiring new items. Each has their motivation, and for others, family is sufficient.

“Just make sure you tell your family members you love them and everything because family is always first,” Justin Thomas said.

Even though the day started slowly—some may even say boringly—by night, the crowds began to fill up, and finally, we had an abundance of stories.