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Explore historical records with the Marion County Genealogical Society



Indianapolis, Indiana – Do you require assistance assembling your family tree? Central Indiana-born Hoosiers can find a wealth of information from the Marion County Genealogical Society.

A nonprofit organization called the Genealogical Society of Marion County is devoted to locating and conserving local genealogical documents.

The head of the club, Barbara Hutchinson, stated on Daybreak on Wednesday that searching through old records and finding ancestors may be very beneficial to the living.

“It kind of brings you closer to yourself and knowing your relatives and where you came from, and it brings you closer to know who they were, how they lived, and what they did.”

Hutchinson, along with other members of the Genealogical Society of Marion County, maintains a location in Memorial Park Cemetery in Indianapolis on East Washington Street.

“It is a research library and it’s set up with documents from all of Marion County, the nine townships of Marion County, and we focus on getting materials from the schools and from jobs and from every- and anything that people have done. We have 219,000-plus cemetery records on our website,” Hutchinson explained.

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