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Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana will provide the last “State of the State” address



Indianapolis, Indiana – Governor Eric Holcomb will deliver the State of the State address to legislators and the public on Tuesday evening, following the opening of the 2024 Legislative Session in the state of Indiana on Monday.

Tuesday at 7 p.m., Holcomb will give his 2024 “State of the State” speech to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly in the Indiana House of Representatives chamber. Holcomb will serve as Indiana’s governor until 2024, so this is his last “State of the State” speech.

This follows Holcomb’s Monday announcement of his legislative plan for 2024. According to earlier reports, this included supporting K–12 literacy initiatives, focusing on early childhood education access, and launching the new “One Start to Stop” campaign.

In his “State of the State” speech from the previous year, Holcomb highlighted increased funding for several areas, such as public health, education, and law enforcement.


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