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IMS Museum moves vintage automobiles and motorbikes to a temporary location



Indianapolis, Indiana – Some of the most cherished automobiles in Indianapolis history are relocating to a new location for the ensuing 18 months.

All of this is a part of the $89 million restoration project for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, which also involves the addition of three rotating galleries, seven permanent galleries, and a racing simulator.

“The cars down here are fantastic and some of the most iconic IndyCars and passenger car brands,” Jason Vansickle, vice president of curation and education at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, said.

The museum basement housed these unique and unusual cars and racing relics, but very few people ever had the chance to see them.

“For the longest time, they were off-limits to the public. Recently, we have offered a limited exclusive tour of this location, but with the newly renovated and reimagined museum, this will be a public area when we open in April 2025,” Vansickle said.

These automobiles, according to Vansickle, date from 1886 to 2011. This contains race-winning automobiles, pace cars from the Indy 500, vintage motorcycles, and more.

To get the cars out of the building and into the off-site storage facility, according to Vansickle, a lot of work is needed. A semi-truck can transport three to seven cars at once, according to Vansickle, depending on their size.

“We want immense care when it comes to removing these vehicles no matter if it was the storage or the typical day in and day out, but this is a little bit unique as we’re moving them off-site,” he says.

For years to come, a new auto and equipment restoration facility will be available, according to him.

“We won’t be able to display some new cars, more vehicles than what we currently do, but as part of this overall plan we look for an off-site restoration storage location that will be open to the public, so you can see vehicles that are typically down here on display there.”

On November 5, the IMS Museum will end permanently. According to the staff, they intend to reopen in April 2025.



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