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Indiana residents overpay for high-quality healthcare



Indianapolis, Indiana – A new legislative task committee is investigating ways to reduce healthcare expenses while ensuring that Hoosiers receive high-quality care.

The “Health Care Cost Oversight Task Force” claims that Hoosiers spend excessive amounts of money on healthcare; as a result, their objective is to publish a thorough analysis of the high healthcare prices in the state.

The Indiana Department of Insurance spoke to the organization on Wednesday to provide assistance with that. HEA 1004 (often referred to as the “Health Care Matters” bill) allocated duties related to health care costs were broken down by the department.

That and an additional $225 million for public health projects were passed during the previous session. The task force claimed that more could be done, nevertheless. The group will explore a variety of study subjects, such as lower consumer prices, alternative healthcare delivery systems, and the advantages of outlawing anti-competitive behavior.

”Hoosiers can stand to be healthier and costs could stand to be lower and if you charge stakeholders with those two goals, we might come with up with more innovative solutions than any one of us can do alone,” Dr. Nir Menachemi, Executive Dean, IU Fairbanks School of Public Health, said.

The Health First Indiana Initiative deadline is almost one week from today, so the meeting on Wednesday is timely. At the end of September, the task force will convene once more.