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Most of IU Covid-19 requirements for fall 2021 are lifted, report



Bloomington, Indiana – Most of Covid-19 requirements like face masks and distancing in IU for fall 2021 are being lifted university officials say.

IU released an official statement how the IU will operate in the period of August to December.

Classes be held in person as announced earlier last month and those fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks and keep social distance in any of the premises. According to IU plan, classes will work as pre-pandemic working plan and capacity.

Everything else including dining halls, fitness centers and all other facilities may also return working with full capacity.

The crowd limit is set to 250 people. If possible, all events with more than 250 people will be held outdoors. If this is not possible, these events will go through a review process. For approved events with more than 250 people, masks will be mandatory.

All students and staff that are fully vaccinated will not be subject of mitigation testing. This will only be required in case of an outbreak, but tests will be performed at much lower levels compared to last year.

Those not vaccinated or at least not fully vaccinated will have to wear a mask all the time. All of them will be also part of the mitigation testing.

Those receiving the vaccine are no longer required to upload documentation, such as with a vaccination card. This comes days after Attorney General Todd Rokita’s non-binding opinion that said IU’s requirement to show documentation of a vaccine violated state law.

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