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The second kid caught in the Greenwood murder is being charged as an adult by the prosecution



Greenwood, Indiana – On Wednesday, prosecutors declared that they planned to charge the 15-year-old girl who was taken into custody in connection with a murder in Greenwood as an adult.

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office reports that they have started the juvenile court process to charge 15-year-old Da’Zaria Dyson as an adult for the December 10 murder of 18-year-old Ethan David of Indianapolis.

A 911 caller reported to the Greenwood Police Department that they discovered David shot to death in a car in the 2000 block of Liberty Way Drive at some point on the evening of December 10.

David was found wounded by a bullet in a car when the police arrived. At the scene, he was declared deceased.

Due to their involvement in the murder, Dyson and Quincy Deshawn Stringer Jr., 17, were taken into custody on December 13.

Subsequent court records disclosed that the plot to “rob their plug,” that is, meet David as part of a heroin trade and take the drugs from him, was the cause of David’s demise. Stringer is already being prosecuted as an adult for David’s passing.

As an adult, Dyson could face charges of murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and helping to commit an armed robbery, according to the prosecution. They further stated that armed robbery carries a sentence of three to sixteen years in prison and murder a sentence of 45 to 65 years.

To determine whether Dyson will be charged in adult or juvenile court, a juvenile waiver hearing will be convened. It was not specified by the prosecution when the hearing would occur.