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Bloomington methadone clinic patient arrested on drug charges



An Bloomington Methadone Clinic patient from Indianapolis was arrested Wednesday night after his car was stopped by an Indiana State Police trooper investigating a call of a burglary in progress in the 1340 block of Coveyville Road.

A suspicious black SUV with multiple people removing objects from the home was reported by the caller.

The Chevrolet Suburban pulling a trailer was stopped by the trooper. The car was registered to 33 year old Jacob Lane.

The female passenger informed the trooper that she had been evicted from the house and went home to remove her personal items. She also claimed that she obtained access to her own residence in question. In Lane’s Suburban and borrowed trailer, the things and appliances taken from the home were installed.

Deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department called the homeowner to see who had rented the home recently.

Meanwhile, in plain view, the trooper found several baggies containing Xanax bars and more than 6 grams of marijuana. In one of the pill bottles, one gram of crystal meth was found. Numerous unused syringes were also found by the police.

Lane had $1,370 in cash and three mobile phones in his personal possession.

The woman first mentioned to the police that the drugs and syringes belonged to he. She later altered her story to say that Lane asked her to “take the fall for him.”

Finally, Lane told the police he was aware of the vehicle’s drugs and syringes, but insisted the drugs were not his. He told the police that he was already enrolled at the Bloomington Methadone Clinic for treatment. Lane also claimed that he had a card that allowed him to own needles. Then he told the police he thought the Xanax bars were possibly fake, made with a pill press.

Lane was arrested on charges of possession of meth, possession of a controlled drug, and possession of marijuana and transferred to prison.

No further detail is available at this time on the alleged burglary.

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