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Reversing high stress and discontentment rates



Indianapolis, Indiana – Reversing certain trends in mental health is the goal of a relatively new discipline that studies the concept of hope.

A Gallop Poll indicates that since the COVID-19 outbreak, people’s levels of stress and unhappiness have never been higher.

Three conclusions were drawn from the survey by those who took part.

1. People are having more negative experiences and fewer positive ones.
2. Stress, sadness, and worry are at their highest recorded levels.
3. People do not feel rested and are feeling less joy than at any other time in history.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Danielle Henderson of Indiana University Health discussed the concept of the “science of hope” and its implications for mental health.

“People are not having a lot of hope right now,” Henderson said. “(They’re) feeling down about different things about their life and having the sense that maybe things in the future won’t be different or won’t change”

Henderson claims that depressing emotions can be influenced by various elements, including the outside temperature, social media use, the news that people may encounter, and a diminished sense of community.

Winter isn’t usually the easiest season for people, she continues.

“A lot of us are working hybrid or maybe not still seeing our friends as much,” Henderson said. “(It’s) getting dark earlier, it’s cold in a lot of parts of the country so that can impact mood feelings as well.”

Henderson suggests that those who are feeling hopeless focus on the little things.

“How can I find gratitude every day?” Henderson said. “How can I try to go through my life looking for the good things and the positive things in life? Being kind to people is always a big one and trying to maybe do things in smaller time segments.”

Henderson advises reaching out to friends or consulting a professional if those sentiments last for a few weeks.



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