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Shops are stepping up security in response to a theft spree



Indianapolis, Indiana – The experience you have in the store this year may differ from previous years if you are making some last-minute Christmas purchases.

Retail theft, both organized and unstructured, is becoming an issue in smaller towns as well as big metropolis.

According to John Talbott, director of IU’s Kelley School of Business Center for Education and Retail Research, retailers are strengthening their structures and even concealing important goods behind the counter.

“There certainly is some issues associated with systematic theft where groups of individuals are collaborating to be very thoughtful about the items that they select,” said Talbott.

Even though the products you purchase might not increase significantly in price, thieves are aware that they can resale these pricey items on the black market. Retailers are coming up with new strategies to make up for the theft.

“They’re going to try and make adjustments in various areas of their businesses, and that usually involves looking at big expenses first, and one of the biggest expenses that retailers face is obviously human resources expense,” said Talbott.

According to Talbott, businesses are also liquidating or merging establishments that experience theft regularly. Retailers are going above and beyond to keep valuables out of customers’ grasp in an attempt to deter burglars.

According to Talbott, if a consumer encounters a problem when attempting to buy a product, they are likely to search for it online or at another store.


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